Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis

Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis

The Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis manages the overarching process of coordinating the flow of information across all bureaus of the department and across all levels and sectors of government and private industry.  Bureau efforts support risk-based, information-driven decision making and addresses immediate and/or threat-related circumstances and events by producing real-time, actionable intelligence products. 

The Bureau mission is to improve the ability to prevent criminal activity and safeguard our homeland.  The Boston Police Department, through BIA, is the managing authority of the Boston Regional Intelligence Center – a nationally recognized urban area fusion center.


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Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC)

As a major urban area fusion center, the mission of the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) is to reduce crime and prevent acts of terrorism throughout the Metropolitan Boston Homeland Security Region (MBHSR) by serving as the central point for the collection, synthesis, analysis, and dissemination of strategic and tactical intelligence to law enforcement, intelligence, first responder and private sector partners; and to assist the Federal Government as a partner for national security.

The BRIC was established in 2005 to coordinate efforts of the nine communities in the MBHSR – or the Boston Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) – in their work to reduce crime and prevent terrorism.  Since its inception the BRIC has become a hub for public and private stakeholders in and around Boston for the collection and analysis of intelligence information, and the investigation of homeland security-related criminal activities.  The BRIC has co-located its analytical and investigative staff in a shared workspace.  Critical liaison personnel such as representatives from Boston Emergency Medical Services, Boston Fire Department, Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence & Analysis, and Federal Bureau of Investigations Boston Field Office are also assigned to the Center.

The BRIC partners with local law enforcement agencies, other first responders, and the private sector operating throughout the nine participating MBHSR municipalities; federal law enforcement and intelligence partners; and other state and major urban area fusion centers to prioritize, collect, analyze, produce and disseminate actionable intelligence – often in real time – with the goal of reducing criminal activity and preventing terrorism.  

The BRIC has established an intelligence fusion environment that is centered on liaison-driven, collaborative information sharing between the MBHSR communities, private-sector stakeholders, universities, and state- and Federal-level partners. In each MBHSR community, participating stakeholders include executive-level decision makers, public safety (police, fire and EMS) personnel, public health officials, and members of the private sector.  Notably, since its inception the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) has strengthened the collaboration among the nine partner communities in the Metro-Boston Homeland Security Region by maximizing the sharing of information related to crime and terrorism.


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