Bureau of Field Services


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Bureau of Field Services

The Bureau of Field Services has primary responsibility for the implementation of Community Policing and the delivery of effective and efficient police services to the community, as well as primary responsibility for the delivery of general, tactical police services and joint Bureau operations, unless otherwise directed by the Police Commissioner.

Special Operations Division

Special Operations is responsible for specialized patrol, tactical, and selective enforcement operations. 



Tactical Operations
Responsible for providing specialized patrol, tactical, and selective enforcement operations in situations requiring a high degree of specialized training and/or equipment. Tactical Operations includes Mobile Operations Patrol, the SWAT Team, and the Negotiation Team.
Environmental Safety Group
The Commander of the Environmental Safety Group represents the Commissioner and Superintendent, BFS, on the City of Boston Environmental Strike Team and, as requested, at various judicial and regulatory hearings and procedures. The Group consists of the Harbor Patrol Unit, the Hazardous Materials Response Unit, the Explosive Ordnance Unit, the Canine Unit, and the Commercial Vehicle Unit.


Special Events Management

Prepares all operational and contingency special events plans in line with the Department’s All-Hazards Approach to Homeland Security. Special Events Management includes the Special Events Planning Unit and the Homeland Security Planning Unit.

Patrol Divisions

Responsible for the implementation of Community Policing and the provision of all police services to residents and visitors to the city. For administrative purposes, Districts are grouped into the following Areas, which, at the discretion of the Police Commissioner, may be placed under the command of an Area Commander:

Area A is comprised of District A-1 and District A-7. Area B is comprised of District B-2 and District B-3. Area C is comprised of District C-6 and District C-11. Area D is comprised of District D-4 and District D-14. Area E is comprised of District E-5, District E-13 and District E-18.  District Commanders provide complete administrative and field supervision in the Districts under their control and are responsible for meeting the needs of citizens and for ensuring all functions and operations are performed in accordance with Department Rules and Procedures.

Field Support Division

Assists the Bureau Chief in supporting the Bureau’s primary mission, assists in coordinating and managing resources for the implementation of Community Policing, and monitors and governs the expenditure of grant money and overtime funds allocated to the Bureau.  The Division includes the Youth Violence Strike Force and the Citywide Bicycle Unit.


Youth Violence Strike Force
The Strike Force’s goal is to reduce the criminal activity and anti-social behavior of youthful offenders and youth gangs through directed and community-based policing strategies.

Homeland Security Unit

The Boston Police Department Homeland Security Unit’s mission is an all hazard approach to prepare the City of Boston for any type of large-scale critical incidents, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks. This all hazards approach is designed to enable flexibility in response to mitigate the risk of harm and to coordinate proactively with Boston Police Department’s traditional and non-traditional partners.

The Boston Police Department Homeland Security Unit (HSU) ensures that the Boston Police Department obtains information and resources to prevent, and if necessary, respond to terrorist attacks. 

The Boston Police Department HSU has been designing and implementing homeland security responsibilities, functions and trainings in accordance with the needs and resources to meet the day-to-day demands of homeland security in the City of Boston.


Radiological Interdiction Programs: Securing the Cities (STC) Program Manager
The STC Program Manager assists in the fulfillment of the Securing the Cities (STC) Program goals, which seeks to design and implement or enhance existing architectures for coordinated and integrated detection and interdiction of nuclear materials that are out of regulatory control and may be used as a weapon within Metro-Boston. 6 U.S.C. § 596b. / more /

Unmanned (Aircraft) Systems (UAS) Manager
The Boston Police Homeland Security Unit UAS Manager is responsible for overseeing all BPD, UAS matters to include: ensuring all training and licensing of pilots is compliant with all regulatory requirements, all UAS are registered with the Federal Aviation Administration, and all UAS statistics and flight information required to be retained by all applicable laws and ordinances is retained and available subject to M.G.L. c. 66 §10. Boston Police Department Rule 407.