Candlelight Vigil To Be Held As Part Of National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial 2021

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This year’s National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial will host their annual Candlelight Vigil on Thursday, May 13 at 8:00 PM. The event will again be virtual, as events in Washington, DC have been canceled due to the pandemic.

To view the candlelight vigil or for more information about the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, please visit:

After careful research, the following 11 officers who served the Boston Police Department during the mid-1800’s to 1983 will be recognized at this year’s national ceremony after the Foundation determined that their deaths could be properly categorized as line of duty deaths. Additionally, their names will be etched upon the Hero Wall at Boston Police Headquarters to properly honor them for their service and sacrifice.

A very brief synopsis on each member is noted below:


Patrolman Danford Dunn

Appointed Oct 21, 1882

Killed in the line of duty July 6, 1886

Patrolman Dunn was kicked by his police horse in the abdomen and was confined to the hospital until he passed away. 

Buried at Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plain.

Assigned to Division 12



Patrolman Daniel W. Sullivan

Appointed June 5, 1877

Born June 6, 1846

Died in the line of duty February 11, 1893

Died in the line of duty after being hit in the head in 1882. He passed away at City hospital from the injuries he suffered.

Buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden

Assigned to Division 1


Patrolman Alonzo Burnham

Appointed July 4, 1874

Born 8/6/1842 Cherryfield, ME

Died in the line of duty Feb 20, 1899

Patrolman Burnham was working a severe storm and passed away from Pneumonia a few days later.

Buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dorchester

Assigned to Division 12


Patrolman Thomas E. Young

Appointed 1900

Born Aug 11, 1879

Died in the line of duty January 10, 1912

Patrolman Young contracted Pneumonia after trying to save horses at a fire at the Mt. Pleasant Stable in Roxbury.  Young is also the Officer who jumped in and grappled with a suspect, after the suspect murdered Boston Police Sergeant Frederick Schlehuber and Fred Resse in the District Attorney’s Office in Pemberton Square. At the risk of his own life he knocked the weapon from the suspect’s hand and placed him under arrest. Young passed away at his home after the fire incident 10 days later. 

Buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Mattapan, MA

Assigned to District 9


 Patrolman Albert H. Giles

Appointed 1920

Killed in the line of duty June 16, 1922

Patrolman Giles was getting off a streetcar on the Chelsea Street Bridge in Charlestown, walking towards Call Box #13 to check in, when he was hit by a car. He was transported to the Naval Hospital in Chelsea where he passed away. 

US Navy Veteran 

Buried at Holy Cross, Malden, MA

Assigned to District 15


Sergeant John F. Montague

Appointed April 4, 1905

Died in the line of duty May 23, 1929

Sergeant Montague was ordered to take a strength test per part of the civil service examination for promotion.  Sergeant Montague collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where he passed away. Montague complained before his death that the test caused something to “snap” in his back.  Two other officers were admitted to the Faulkner Hospital after taking the test suffering from strain caused by the test, with one Officer in critical condition.

Buried at St. John’s Cemetery, Worcester

Assigned to Division 1


Patrolman Felix F. Sharkey

Appointed 1919

Died in the line of duty June 3, 1942

Patrolman Sharkey was assisting Boston Ambulance with a struggling child that had spinal meningitis and was being restrained. Patrolman Sharkey was assisting and he suffered a heart attack. He was transported to the hospital where he passed away.

Buried at Mt Benedict Cemetery, Boston

Assigned to Division 11


Patrolman Robert A. Maher

Appointed July 1928

Killed in the line of duty 10 April 1946

Patrolman Maher responded to a fire at an apartment in the Back Bay. He was the first person to start a rescue as he ran through the building rousing tenants.  He became trapped on the third floor.  He suffered severe burns and a fractured leg when he leaped from the 3rd floor to the street suffering fatal injuries. He died at Boston City Hospital after being rushed there by fellow Officers.  More than 100 people were saved from the fire and he was credited with saving most of them.

Buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford

Assigned to Division 4


Patrolman Edward G. Lynch

Appointed December 31, 1958

Killed in the line of duty March 6, 1964

Patrolman Lynch was attempting to stop a stolen car when the suspect’s car ran the officer off the road and he crashed. He was transported to a hospital where he passed away from the injuries he sustained. 

Buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, MA

Assigned to District 11


Patrolman Samuel Reynolds

Appointed 1961

Killed in the line of duty October 23, 1971

Patrolman Reynolds was accidentally shot by a fellow Officer who had tripped and his weapon discharged into the Officer’s neck, while they were attempting to stop a motor vehicle near Bromley Heath. He passed away at the hospital.

Buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn

Assigned to Boston Police Housing Unit


Patrolman David R. Brown

Appointed November 2, 1977

Died in the line of duty August 15, 1983

Patrolman Brown suffered a fatal heart attack after chasing a speeding motor vehicle. After he stopped the vehicle, he collapsed and was transported to the hospital where he passed away.

U.S. Marine Vietnam Veteran

Buried at Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge

Assigned to Division 11