If They Gave Out Stanley Cups for Fan Stupidity – This Guy Would Take the Prize

\"\"At about 9:30pm, on Wednesday, June 15, 2011, officers, assigned to monitor and observe crowds celebrating the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup victory, a 4-nothing win over the Vancouver Canucks, were patrolling the area outside the Garden when officers observed one individual in particular attempting to incite and provoke poor fan behavior. Officers, in the area of Causeway and Beverly Streets, were observing a crowd of approximately 1,000 fans when the suspect in question began swearing and taunting officers. While verbally disrespecting and disparaging officers, the fan took off his shirt, began waving it and yelled to officers, “Come and get me you b*#ches!” The suspect then turned to the crowd in an effort to incite and inflame a greater level of belligerence and aggression aimed at the officers attempting to keep the peace. Officers warned the suspect that if his behavior didn\’t change in a hurry, he would more than likely face arrest.
Officers continued to monitor the suspect and while doing so, officers observed the suspect pushing and jumping into fans who were attempting to celebrate in a more peaceful and responsible way. Seeing this, officers entered the crowd in an attempt to affect the suspect’s arrest. When officers attempted to handcuff the suspect, the suspect violently resisted officer’s attempts to take him into custody. During the booking process, the suspect continued to verbally disrespect and disparage officers. At one point, the suspect began directing racial obscenities at officers inside the station. The suspect also repeatedly banged his head on the booking glass window. 

Officers arrested Chris Prader, 20, of East Boston and charged him with Being Disorderly, Inciting a Riot and Resisting Arrest.