Two Teens Arrested for Robbery

Yesterday afternoon around 4:01PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to 301 Warren St. in Roxbury/McDonald’s for an armed Roxbury in progress.

On arrival, officers were met by the victim who was still inside McDonald’s who told officers that he was just robbed of his gold chain by a group of 6-7 teenagers. The victim went on to tell officers that he was walking to McDonald’s and when he got to the intersection of Warren and Dales Streets, one of the males in the group called to him to come over to where they were. The victim ignored the group and walked into the McDonald’s. The victim stated that the group followed him into the McDonald’s and there surrounded him.  After surrounding the victim, one of the suspects snatched a gold chain with a pendant from his neck while the other members of the group felt his pockets while asking him what else he had on him.

Officers received descriptions of several members of the group and broadcast it to other units on the street. While officers were canvassing the area, a group of three individuals matching the description of the suspects were seen in the area.  The suspects started running as soon as they were observed by officers. Officers pursued the suspects and were able to successfully catch two of the suspects. The suspects, once caught were detained pending identification by the victim. The suspect, once shown, the detained suspects positively identified as members of the group who robbed him.

The suspects, a 15-year old male juvenile and  a 16-year old male juvenile both, from Mattapan were arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery.