UPS Delivery Lands Suspect in Jail

Yesterday afternoon around 12:59PM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) arrested suspect, Emmanuel B. Adu-Poku, 29 of Mattapan under arrest and charged him with Armed Robbery and Dangerous Weapons Unlawfully Carried.

Officers came to arrest the suspect after they responded to a call for an armed robbery which had just occurred outside 38 Estella Street in Mattapan.  En route, officers were informed that the suspect who had just robbed the UPS truck driver was now sitting in a blue Volvo outside that address.

Officers arrived on scene and observed the car parked and unoccupied with the key in the ignition. Officers then observed the suspect exit 17 Estella St. and stand on the front porch holding some nunchuks, a hammer, a screwdriver with a white bandage wrapped around his left hand. Officers approached the suspect in order to further investigate and asked him if he lived in the building he had just exited and he replied that he did not. Officers then asked the suspect to put down the potentially dangerous weapons he had in his hands while they continued to talk to him.  The suspect refused the officers’ request and instead stated that he “was skilled in the martial arts.” As additional officers responded to the scene, the suspect was convinced to put down the weapons in his possession and he was placed under arrest for possession of the nunchuks which are considered a dangerous weapon, arrestable under Massachusetts law. Once the suspect was placed under arrest, officers recovered a silver retractable box-cutter from his coat pocket.  

Officers then again inquired of the suspect if he lived in the building and he answered that he “sometimes lived here” despite not being to tell officers the exact address of the house. Officers then entered the house and inside a third floor apartment recovered the stolen UPS package (a pair of sneakers) with a shipping address of 38 Estella Street along with numerous papers in the name of the suspect.

Officers then located the UPS driver and spoke to him about what happened. The victim told officers that he was attempting to deliver a package to 38 Estella Street when the suspect approached him and told him and stated, “I’m the landlord of the building, I’ll take that!” The victim then requested of the suspect identification which showed an address of 17 Estella and not 38 Estella where the package was addressed.  The victim as a result refused to give the package to the suspect, returned his identification to him, and returned to his truck. The suspect followed the victim to his truck, stepped up on the first stair of the truck while placing his right hand inside his coat pocket with the handle of item in his hand. The suspect then stated to the victim, “You think I’m joking? You’re giving me the box!” the victim then handed the box to the suspect who then walked off with the box.

The suspect will be arraigned at Dorchester District Court today.