Officers Deter Drug Dealing

Yesterday morning around 10AM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) arrested suspect, Robert M. Castillo, 53 of Boston and charged him with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D and B.

Officers initially observed the suspect engaging in activity consistent with drug dealing as he wandered back and forth in the area of 39 Boylston Street/St. Francis House interacting with individuals known as drug users to officers.

After observing the suspect for some time, officers again saw a known drug user enter the St. Francis House all the while trying to monitor the officers’ whereabouts and activities apparently in an effort to avoid detection. Officers continued surveillance of the known drug dealer as he made contact with the suspect and exit the building with the suspect.  Once the suspects were out of sight, the officer followed them outside and observed them closely huddled. Once the two suspects noticed officers, the suspect became nervous and started trying to distance himself from the other suspect, apparently unsure which direction to go.

The officer then approached the suspects and confronted them about engaging in drug activity within such close proximity to a police officer and they should hand over to the officer any drugs that that they had to minimize any further problems. At this time, the suspect reached into his pocket and first gave officers a plastic bag containing 22 individually packaged smaller bags of marijuana and then a second bag containing 23 additional individually packaged smaller bags of marijuana.  The suspect was placed under arrest at this time and a search subsequent to arrest revealed the suspect to be in possession of a prescription bottle with no label containing 17 Percocet pills. The second suspect admitted to officers that the he had lost his pills and was trying to purchase some pills from the suspect.