Citizen Alert from C6: Crime Summary


CC# 110051575 on 1/30/11 1:14PM at Dorchester Ave & Kemp St victim reported that he was approached by a BM 6’2” 200 lbs wearing a dark blue sweatshirt, sweatpants, and sneakers reached into his jacket pocket and stole his wallet containing $60 and a Worcester County reserve deputy badge.  Suspect fled into the MEM housing authority. 

CC# 110046670 on 1/28/11 12:03AM at Dunkin Donuts 510 Southampton St victim reported that a BM 5’7 stocky build wearing a black ski hat and Patriots jacket hopped over the counter and attempted to retrieve money from the cash register but was unsuccessful.  The suspect fled towards Andrew Sq.

Aggravated Assault:

CC# 110049955 on 1/29/11 1AM at 79 Mercer St victim reported that a BM 6” and a Hispanic male 6” thin build attempted to B&E his apartment.  A confrontation ensued and the victim sustained a stab wound to his left arm and hand.  Report filed at 4:09PM.

CC# 110046703 on 1/28/11 12:39AM at 24 McDonough Way victim reported that a BM known to him as Mook and a BM 23-26 years 5’11” entered his apartment and displayed a firearm and sword.  The victim was assaulted and sustained a superficial wound to the chest. 

Commercial B&E:

CC# 110052575 on 1/31/11 4:00AM at the Hen House 1033 Mass Ave officers responded to an alarm call.  On arrival observed that the door glass had been smashed with a brick and 2 LCD TV’s were stolen. 

B&E M/V:

CC# 110060347 on 2/4/11 6:58AM at 496 E 4th St witness observed a WM 18 years and a WF 18 years on Telegraph St discarding items from a wallet.  Further investigation determined that he suspects stole the handbag from the victim’s car. 

CC# 110059063 between 2/2/11 8PM & 2/3/11 2PM at 684 E 5th St victim reported that clothing was stolen from an unsecured vehicle.

CC# 1100571031 between 2/1/11 8PM & 2/2/11 10AM at the Courtyard Marriott 33 W Howell St victim reported that a window was smashed and clothing was stolen.

CC# 110058192 between 2/2/11 6:30PM & 2/3/11 6:30AM at 847 E 5th St victim reported that a Verizon cell phone, $25USC, sunglasses, and a leather man tool were stolen.

CC# 110058658 between 2/1/11 4PM & 2/3/11 8AM at 179 W 8th St victim reported that an air mattress and sunglasses were stolen. 

CC# 110053477 on 1/31/11 between 1:30PM & 2:00PM at 1010 Mass Ave victim reported that checks were stolen.

CC# 110051443 between 1/29/11 2PM & 1/30/11 10AM at South Bay Mall 1100 Mass Ave victim reported that a birth certificate was stolen from the glove compartment.

CC# 110049452 between 1/28/11 6:30PM & 1/29/11 10:43AM at B St & W 3rd St victim reported that a window was smashed and a briefcase containing work files were stolen.

CC# 110048264 between 1/27/11 7PM & 1/28/11 7AM at K St & E 1st St victim reported that an I-pod, CD’s, and clothing were stolen.