At about 7:40am, on Saturday, January 22, 2011, officers from Area B-3 (Mattapan) responded to a radio call for a person breaking into cars in the area of Stanwood Street and Blue Hill Ave. While en route to the call, officers learned, via the police dispatcher, that a witness, following the suspect, watched the suspect board an MBTA bus and get off at the corner of Blue Hill Ave and Columbia Road. According to the witness, the suspect was described as a Hispanic male wearing a dark jacket and khaki pants. On arrival at that location, officers promptly observed an individual who looked like the suspect. As a result, officers approached the suspect in order to further investigate the incident. While the suspect was being questioned, officers conducted a search of the immediate area. Upon doing so, officers were able to see and recover a black Coach handbag which had been emptied of its contents. 

According to the witness, the suspect was seen throwing a rock through the window of the car he broke into. Officers observed the broken window. Further, the witness states the suspect was seen stealing a black handbag from within the car. A search of the suspect enabled officers to locate personal papers belonging to the owner of the car.

Officers arrested Ray Castillo, 31, of Boston and charged him with Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle and Larceny from a Motor Vehicle (Over $250.00)