Officers Track Suspect’s Footprints to an Arrest

Yesterday, Wednesday, January 19, 2011, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) responded to 54 West Tremlett St. in Dorchester for a breaking and entering in progress.

Officers immediately responded to the incident location and on arrival observed the suspect on the outside of the house with his hands on the window leading into the first floor apartment.  As soon as the suspect observed officers, the suspect took off and started running from the scene. Officers pursued the suspect as he jumped over several fences crossing over several streets.  Officers lost sight of the suspect as he crossed over a street but were soon able to find his direction of flight based on footprints ion the snow. As officers followed the footprints, they observed the suspect’s hat caught up in some branch in between two houses along with the suspect’s footprints.  Officers followed the footprints and as a result successfully located the suspect at 94-96 Millet Street.

Officers then returned to the location of the incident and found a witness. The witness reported to officers that she and her husband first observed the suspect walking in the hallway and escorted him out after he was unable to explain what he was doing there. The witness then reported that a short time after escorting the suspect out of the building, she then observed him back in the building attempting to gain get into the first floor apartment by prying the screen.  The suspect was returned to the scene and positively identified by the witness. The suspect, Jaquan Sims, 22 of Roxbury was arrested and charged Attempt Breaking and Entering in a Residence.