Car B&E Suspect Apprehended

This morning around 1:05AM, officers from C-6 (South Boston) arrested suspect, Cullen McGoff, 20 of South Boston and charged him with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle in the Night, Possession of Burglarious Tools, and Larceny from a Motor Vehicle over $250.00.

Officers initially responded to 396 West Broadway for a 911 call for a crime in progress. The caller indicated to 911 that the suspect, a white male wearing a red jacket had just broken into his car and was now stumbling around trying to get into other vehicles heading in the direction of E Street. Officers responding to the call responded to the location of the caller and the direction that the suspect had been seen fleeing. While one officer was speaking to the victim, other officers located a person fitting the suspect description sitting in a car with the seat reclined all the way back as if to avoid detection at 381 West Broadway.  Additionally, officers noted a number of items strewn about the car and the glove compartment open. There, the suspect was removed from the car and questioned about whether he knew the owner of the car. The suspect replied to officers and gave the name of his alleged friend to whom the car belonged. Further investigation revealed that the suspect did not know the owner of the car.

The suspect was then positively identified by the caller who stated that he observed the suspect in his car.