B&E Suspect Caught on Candid Camera

This morning around 2:17AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested suspect, Andre Regis, 26 of Roxbury and charged him with Attempted Breaking and Entering in the Night.

Officers shortly before the arrest responded to 90 Washington Street/BD’s Discount for a commercial/business alarm. En route, officers were advised that the alarm indicated that the break was in the back door and windows. Officers, aware of previous breaks to the same location, responded by approaching the store from different directions with their headlights turned off.  An officer approaching from the rear of the store with cruiser lights off officer pulled up to the store, and observed the suspect walking away from the side/rear of the store, the same area that the alarm had indicated. Officers quickly stopped the cruiser and detained the suspect. While the suspect was detained, officers discovered that there was a broken window on the side of the store, the same side that the suspect had been walking from. Once the break was confirmed, officers noticed small shards of glass on the suspect’s clothing consistent with someone who had broken glass.

The suspect was placed under arrest, and the store manager responded. Once the manager responded, officers were able to view video surveillance which showed the suspect trying to kick the door several times and finally reach in with his left elbow in attempt to clear the broken glass away.