Juvenile Suspects Arrested for Robbery

Yesterday afternoon around 4:42PM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) arrested a 15-year old male juvenile from Roxbury, a 16-year old male juvenile from Mattapan, and 17 year old Daquille McCoy of Mattapan and charged them with Unarmed robbery and Assault and Robbery.

Officers arrested these individuals after they initially responded to a call for a robbery in the area of 209 Manchester Street in Mattapan. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who reported that he was just assaulted and robbed by a group of about 10 males. The victim then provided specific descriptions for two of the members of the group. The victim told officers that he was inside a clothing store located at 90 River Street and walked out when he was first approached by one of the members of the group who asked him about where he had purchased his jacket. The victim stated that after a brief conversation with one of the members of the group he walked away and started walking Cedar Street when he noticed that the group was still following him. According to the victim, near the intersection of Cedar and Manchester Streets he was jumped, assaulted and robbed of his backpack which had some other personal belongings inside of it.  After the victim was assaulted and robbed, the group fled down Cedar St. toward River Street.

Officers broadcast the description of the suspects and officers canvassing the area observed two individuals matching the suspects’ description. Officers detained the two and the victim was able to positively identify one of the two as one of the suspects who assaulted and robbed him. The second individual could not be positively identified by the victim and as such was allowed to leave. That individual got into a car and drove to Cedar Street where he picked up two other people one of whom matched the description of one of the suspect’s involved in the incident.  The car was stopped a few blocks away for further investigation. There, the victim positively identified the two who had gotten into the car as having been involved in the assault. They were arrested after being identified and subsequently charged with the above charges.

The victim was transported to Carney for bumps and bruises sustained during the assault.