At about 1:29am, on Sunday, December 5, 2010, officers from Area D-14 (Brighton) responded to a radio call for a disturbance at 55 Brighton Ave (Frank’s Towing). On arrival, officers were met by an individual stating that his car had been towed and the tow company was refusing to release it. Moreover, the individual demanded that police release his car. However, when officers explained to the individual that he needed to provide payment for the tow before the car could be released, the individual began verbally disparaging and disrespecting the officers, stating, “I went to college … what did you do? 

Officers tried explaining to the individual that his level of education had nothing to do with the fact that the tow fee had to be paid before the tow attendant would release his car. However, each effort to explain the situation was met with greater degrees of hostility. Upon speaking to the tow attendant, officers learned that prior to their arrival, the individual was seen on surveillance video breaking into one of the tow trucks. Moreover, the tow attendant stated that the individual threatened him with physical harm if the car wasn’t released.    

At this point, officers arrested William Ashmore, 36, of Boston and charged him with Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle.