Trying to Impress Date Lands Suspect in Jail

Early this morning around 1:18AM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) were on patrol when they a gray Jeep driving at a high rate estimated to be around 55 MPH on Blue Hill Ave. near the intersection of McLellan Street and again continue to swerve from lane to lane as it continued on Blue Hill Ave.

Officers pulled up behind the car and activated their lights and sirens in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop of the speeding car. The operator of the speeding car ignored officers’ attempts to stop the car and instead kept operating at a high rate of speed and went through a red light at the intersection of Blue Hill Ave. and Seaver Street. After going through the red light the car continued to swerve and struck the median several times and finally came to a stop at the intersection of Blue Hill Ave. and Castlegate Rd. because both the cars left front and rear tires had become flat from hitting the median.

Officers approached the car and the operator, Ryan Mallard, 31 of Rockland was placed under arrest and charged with failure to Stop for Police, Driving to Endanger and cited for Red Light Violation and Speeding. The suspect, once told that he was being placed under arrest, stated to officers, “What am I getting arrested for? I know I blew that red light but I am sorry. Come on! I have a good job!”

Officers spoke to the suspect’s passenger who told officers that she was on a first date with the suspect  and that he had been driving erratically and that there would not be a second date for them.