Party Hosts Land in Jail due to Unconscious Guest

At approximately 11:15PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to 11 Sunset St. #1 in Mission Hill for an unconscious person.  

On arrival, officers noted that there was a party taking place at the address after locating an unresponsive, unconscious guest.  Officers spoke to other partygoers who informed them that the unconscious, unresponsive male had consumed a large amount of Tequila in a short period of time leading to his current state. Officers observed about 15-20 other partygoers in the house and various types of alcohol throughout the house.

The two tenants of record who were hosting the party, Molly Quill, 21 and Sasha Radulski, 21 both of Roxbury were arrested and charged with being Keepers of a Disorderly House.