Failure to High Five Lands Two in Jail

Last night around 9:00PM, Boston Police officers performing a detail at the TD Bank Garden for the Bruins game on-sited a fight which resulted in the arrest of suspects, Scott DeVivo, 40 of Newton and Shaun Neary, 34 of Salisbury for Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, Assault and Battery, Resisting Arrest, Disturbing a Public Assembly and Being a Disorderly Person.

Officers spoke to victims and learned that the suspects who were sitting in Section 8 had beer thrown on them and others by the two suspects after they refused to “high five” the suspects. Victims further reported that they were walking by the suspects and noticed that they were randomly seeking people to “high five” but when they and another victim refused to indulge in the suspects’ attempted “high five” they were assaulted by the suspects and the suspects threw beer all over them.

The officer, closest to the incident observed the fracas and approached the area where the suspects were sitting and attempted to remove suspect  DeVivio from on top of a victim whom he had knocked to the ground after throwing beer on him and was now assaulting. The suspect, despite being commanded to stop his assault, did not do so and instead attempted to pull the officer to the ground. Security from the Garden along with detail officers vigorously wrestled with suspect DeVivo and when officers were on the verge of getting suspect DeVivo under control, his friend, suspect Neary grabbed an officer was grabbed from behind and pulled off of the violent suspect DeVivo.  Officers then directed their attention to the second suspect Neary who now started fighting officers and trying to flee the area. Officers pursued the suspect into a nearby bathroom where he was placed under arrest after a brief struggle.

Both suspects were eventually arrested and transported to District A-1 (Downtown Boston) where they were charged with the above noted offenses.