Drunk and Disorderly Suspect Gets His Wish

This morning around 2:51AM, officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) were flagged down in front of the District Station located at 3347 by a taxi driver.

Officers responded to the cab and spoke to the driver who explained to officers that his passenger was refusing to pay the fare which was $35.00. Officers then spoke with the suspect who smelled of alcohol, spoke with slurred speech and was unsteady on his feet and he exclaimed to officers, “I’m not going to pay!”  The suspect, who had exited the cab, was now standing in the middle of Washington Street interfering with traffic all the while yelling at officers that he would not pay. Officers asked the suspect several times to get out of the middle of the street because cars were now swerving to avoid hitting him but he refused and continued yelling causing people to come out of their homes and look out of their window to see who was causing this commotion. The suspect continued to yell at officers and started waving his arms in the air stating, “Go ahead, take me to jail!” after repeated attempts to coax the suspect out of the street. 

Having failed in their efforts to get the suspect to get out of the street and in light of the time of night, and the fact that the suspect was causing people to awaken and come out of their house, officers arrested the suspect, Nelson G. Molina, 59 of Jamaica Plain and charged him with Disorderly Conduct and Fare Evasion.