Police Arrest Five Taggers Defacing Property in the South End

About 2:24 am, on Friday, November 19 , 2010, officers from Area D-4 (South End) responded to a call for vandalism in progress call in the rear of 939 Boylston Street.

On arrival, officers observed what appeared to be recently applied or wet spray paint, blue in color, on the rear of 939 Boylston Street.  Officers also observed wet spray paint in the back of  the Mentei Japanese Noodle Cafe.  The Mentei Japanese Noodle House is located on Hereford Street, directly across from the rear of 939 Boylston Street.  Officers spoke to witnesses who stated that five individuals were seen spray painting on the buildings and jumping on a car.  Witnesses further stated that one of the five  suspects was, possibly, a female. 

In short time, officers were able to locate and stop four individuals who looked the suspects  in the rear of 951 Boylston Street.  Officers observed three suspects hiding behind a wall.  Officers also observed a male and a female riding a bicycle in the alley.  Officers stopped Timothy O\’Brien and attempted to stop the female, but she looked at officers and then fled on her bicycle toward Boylston Street.  Officers relayed her info to dispatch.  Officers soon located and stopped the female, identified as Patricia Nelson, as she was traveling on her bike.  The female suspect tried to evade officers, but was unable to, after crashing her bike into an officer’s cruiser.  When asked where she  was coming from, Ms. Nelson answered the question with a question, stating, “What if I am coming from someplace that I shouldn\’t have been?”  Officers observed paint on Ms. Nelson\’s clothing. Officers were able to identify Ms. Nelson as the female that would not stop for officers in the alley.

Upon closer inspection of the grafitti, officers observed “sexual references” spray painted in wet blue paint on the rear of 320 Newbury Street (The Boston Architectural Center) while “bathroom references” were seen spray painted on the outhouse in the rear of 324 Newbury Street. On the rear of the Boston Fire House at 951 Boylston Street, officers observed more fresh blue paint.  A detail officer located a can of blue spray paint in the alley of 951 Boylston Street.  Another officer observed the cover matching the spray paint can in the alley behind 951 Boylston Street.

Dana Cataldo, 25, of Halifax, William Grady, 24, of Milford, Timothy O’Brien, 23, of Hanson and Patricia Nelson, 23 female of Brookline, were arrested and charged with Damage to Property by Graffiti/Tagging. Another suspect Shannon Craig, 23, of Plympton was charged with Damage to Property by Graffiti/Tagging and Resisting Arrest.