Citizen Alert from C-6 (South Boston)


CC# 100619953 on 11/16/10 1:48PM at Dunkin Donuts Edward Everett Sq victim reported that she was approached by a WF 20 years 5’ 120 lbs freckles, thin build, dark brown hair in a bun, wearing glasses who asked for $2.  When the victim refused a WM 20 years 5’7” 120 lbs missing front tooth punched the victim and attempted to steal her handbag.  Suspects fled towards Andrew Sq.

Aggravated Assault:

CC# 100613839 on 11/13/10 12:08AM at 722 E Broadway an adult male was arrested for ABDW after the victim was attacked by a group of 10-15 males.  The suspect was arrested at M St Park.

CC# 100613740 11/12/2010 22:45 at Emerson & E. Broadway two w/m suspects attacked, kicked and punched victim for no reason. These types of unprovoked attacks have happened on several occasions recently in this area.

Residential B&E:

CC# 100620007 between 11/13/10 & 11/16/10 at 144 W 6th St victim reported that a window screen was removed and pry marks were observed on the window.  No entry gained.

Commercial B&E

CC# 100616062 on 11/14/10 4:09AM at Telegraph Hill 289 Dorchester St officers responded to an alarm.  On arrival observed the rear door pried open.  Victim reported that an unknown amount of USC was stolen from the juke box.


CC# 100620433 on 11/16/10 6:22PM at 395 W 4th St victim reported that a WM 20-25 years 5’7” 155 lbs black hair wearing a gray hoodie and gray sweatpants attempted to break into a vehicle.

CC# 100620417 between 11/15/10 6PM & 11/16/10 6AM at 11 Hamlin St victim reported that a Garmin GPS was stolen.

CC# 100618621 between 11/14/10 10PM & 11/15/10 7:20AM at 54 Boston St victim reported that a Garmin GPS and Aiwa car radio were stolen.

CC# 100616857 on 11/14/10 between 4:30PM & 5:50PM at 321 Summer St victim reported that a Garmin GPS and Olympus camera were stolen.

CC# 100615042 on 11/13/10 between 1PM & 4:30PM at Seaport Blvd & E Service Rd victim reported that a Verizon cell phone and I-pod were stolen.

CC# 100615273 on 11/13/10 between 10AM & 7PM at E St & W 1st St victim reported that an HP laptop was stolen.

CC# 100612100 between 11/11/10 10:15PM & 11/12/10 6:15AM at 95 G St victim reported that 2 tires were stolen from a 2009 Honda Accord.

CC# 100612168 between 11/11/10 8PM & 11/12/10 7:45AM at South Bay Mall victim reported that 4 tires were stolen from a 2008 Acura TLS.

CC# 100612515 between 11/11/10 9PM & 11/12/10 8AM at Mt Vernon St victim reported that a Garmin GPS, Movado watch, and Kenneth Cole watch were stolen.