The Boston Police Department Homicide Unit Creates On-line Support Service for Survivors and Witnesses to Homicide

Initiative Adds Helpful Resource Section to

Mayor Thomas Menino and Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis in conjunction with The Boston Police Homicide Unit are dedicated to supporting families who have survived the tragic loss of a loved one to homicide. Losing a loved one to violent crime creates unimaginable suffering for surviving family and friends.

The Boston Police Homicide Unit is comprised of dedicated and highly-skilled detectives who are committed to homicide victims through diligence, compassion and effective investigations. Each homicide is meticulously handled by compassionate investigators committed to securing justice for the victim and the victim’s grieving family members.

“In addition to a relentless pursuit of justice, the City of Boston and the Boston Police Department are dedicated to providing guidance and support for surviving families and witnesses of homicide who face challenging, stressful and often overwhelming experiences following a tragic event,” Mayor Menino said. 

Commissioner Davis said, “I commend the ceaseless efforts of the Homicide Unit to hold perpetrators accountable for not only the life that the suspect took but also the traumatizing effect the perpetrator’s actions have on surviving loved ones.”  Commissioner Davis added, “A homicide is not only a crime against the victim. It is a crime against a community and as a community we will support one another through the difficult aftermath.”

The Boston Police Department Homicide Unit is one of the first police departments in the nation to implement a Victim-Witness Service component to advocate for surviving families during their stages of grief and beyond recovery. The City employs a Family Resource Officer and a Victim-Witness Advocate within the Homicide Unit and their sole mission is to ensure that there is ongoing positive communication between detectives and survivors through meetings, forums, initiatives and community events.

As part of that ongoing support effort, the Homicide Unit has created a resource section on The Homicide Unit section features a blog which will provide updates on death investigations. The section will also feature important information to connect families with funeral and burial resources, bereavement counseling and trauma services and information on relocation services for witnesses.

The site will also include helpful links to explain the often-times confusing and overwhelming protocols and procedures of the criminal justice system. Visitors to the site will also be able to view information on featured ‘Unsolved Cases’ and submit tips about a Homicide case online. The site has been designed to include a variety of helpful information including a description of the investigative process.

Community members who wish to visit this site should go to, scroll to the Resources section and click on Homicide Unit.