Yesterday Boston Police arrested Michael Bagley, 44, of South Boston in connection with church break-ins.

About 10:53am on Sunday November 14, 2010, Officers responded to a radio call for a suspicious person at 15 Rita Rd (St. Brendan\’s Church) in Dorchester. At that time, officers had a potential suspect stopped and was speaking to the witness/caller. The witness stated to officers that he first observed the suspect walk by a rear lower window of the church. A few minutes later the witness says he heard noises coming from an upper level of the church. The witness believes the noises were coming from a restricted area of the Church in and around the Sacristy area. The witness then goes to investigate when he observes the suspect in the area between the Church and the adjacent Rectory.

The witness goes on to say the suspect then proceeds to a side door of the Rectory. He observes the suspect then try to \”force\” his way through what could be described as a locked storm door. Unsuccessful the suspect then went to the front door of the Rectory pulled at that locked door a few times to no avail. He then says the suspect appears to become nervous and vacates the area looking behind him as if to see if he or someone else were following. The witness calls 9-1-1 and follows the suspect updating his location which is relayed to officers in the area. Subsequently officers stop the suspect, under the reasonable suspicion of the attempted B&E and begin an inquiry with the caller and the suspect.

It should be noted several religious buildings in the area have been burglarized in recent months. The suspect states to officers that he was in and around the church. He then says he did go into the church but only to use the rest room. Confirming the witnesses statements officers then placed the suspect under arrest for the Attempted B&E of the Rectory (\”Attempted B&E Non-Res, Day\” 274-06). The suspect was then transported back to C-11 where he would be booked and further interviewed. It also should be noted prior to returning to C-11, detectives returned to St. Brendan\’s to photo and process the scene. It was at this time the caller updated a detective that it appeared that a storage area and the Sacristy was disturbed. He noted several items to include some fans were knocked over. And the Sacristy prior to first observing the suspect was secure but was now unsecured. When questioned about an item found on his person he stated that he had taken it from Mother Theresa\’s earlier that morning around 8:00 am. The item could be described as a thin black and wood colored stick about 24 inches in length. The additional charge of B&E, Non-Res, Day (266-17) (St. Brendan\’s Church 589 Gallivan Blvd.) and Larceny from a Building (266-20) (Mother Theresa\’s 800 Columbia Rd.) will be added to the complaint.