Caught in the Closet

This morning around 6:40AM, members of the Boston Police Fugitive Unit along with members of the US Marshall Service and Cambridge Police Department conducted a warrant service at 27 Old Morton St. #1 in Dorchester.

Officers arrived at the location and established a perimeter before knocking on the door to execute the warrant. While outside the residence, officers observed the suspect running through the apartment. Officers knocked on the door and the door was opened after a brief delay by a woman inside the apartment who told officers that the wanted suspect was not home. Officers nevertheless searched the apartment for the suspect in all the places that someone could or would hide unsuccessfully.  Officers, knowing the suspect was in the house from having seen him when they were outside, again searched the house and finally found him hiding in a closet in a rear bedroom.

The suspect, Ernest Wright, 24 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with outstanding warrants for Unarmed Robbery, Assault and Battery, Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.

Once officers found the suspect hiding in the closet and placed him under arrest, the female who had told officers that he was not home became irate and started screaming and swearing at officers demanding that they exit her home. Officers then tried to explain to the female occupant that they would not have had to do such an extensive search if she had been forthcoming, but she of course was unwilling to listen but rather continued to berate officers.