Unarmed Robbery Opens a Can of Worms

Yesterday afternoon around 3:11PM responded to the area of Washington Street and Academy Hill Road to investigate a report of a robbery.

On arrival, officers were able to stop a car near the scene to investigate the incident. Officers detained the car and its three occupants while they investigated the incident by talking to the nearby victim.

Officers spoke to the victim and reported that he was waiting at the bus stop when he was approached by an unknown black male who asked him if he had a phone. The unknown individual told the victim that he was new to the area, didn’t have a phone and asked the victim if he could use his cell phone to call his friend. The victim agreed and let the unknown black male use his phone.  After allowing the unknown male to use his phone for several minutes, the victim asked for his phone back and the unknown male refused to give back the phone. The suspect then threatened to punch the victim in the face and alleged that he was a skilled boxer.  The victim then fled the scene and went home where he called 911.

The victim provided officers with a description of the suspect which matched one of the occupants of the car that had been stopped. The victim positively identified the suspect and he was placed under arrest. Officers asked the suspect for the victim’s phone and he denied any knowledge of the phone. Officers searched the area where the incident had taken place but were unsuccessful in locating the phone. While walking back, officers observed a phone in the back seat of the stopped car. Officers called the phone after the victim provided them with his number and the phone rang. The victim thereafter inspected the phone and confirmed that it was the phone he had allowed the suspect to use.

The suspect, Domingo M.  Ayala, 24 of Lowell was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery. The operator of the car, Kimberly Medeiros, 29 of Dorchester was subsequently determined to be operating without being licensed and was subsequently arrested and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle without Being Licensed. A third occupant of the car, Robyn Blatt, 27 of Everett was also arrested and charged with an outstanding arrest warrant for Operating with a Suspended License. Further investigation of the car revealed that the registration was suspended and thus the car was towed.