Firearm Recovery Leads to Arrest

Last night around 7:30PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested suspect, Javohn Redrick, 18 of Dorchester and charged him with Carrying a Firearm without a License, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and Receiving Stolen Property (Gun).

Officers were patrolling the area of Glendale St. last night when they first observed the suspect congregating on a porch with several other individuals known and of interest to the police department.  After observing the group, the suspect along with another individual left the group and started walking away and as they did so, officers continued to monitor their progress.  Near the intersection of Columbia Road and Quincy Street, officers stopped the suspect and his companion to conduct a threshold inquiry. During the stop, the suspect was questioned as to where he was coming from and he answered evasively and continued talking on his cell phone. Officers engaged the suspect in conversation and during conversation smelled a strong odor of marijuana. During the conversation, officers noted that the suspect was shaking and appeared to be nervous during the entire encounter.  The suspect continuously moved his body around, shielding his body from officers and avoiding contact with officers. Officers, aware that the suspect’s movements were consistent with that of an armed gunman, decided to conduct a pat frisk.

Officers started to conduct a pat frisk of the suspect and as they did so, the suspect started to be evasive by talking real loud on his cell. Officers, after frisking the suspect’s person, frisked his backpack and found a loaded handgun inside. The suspect was placed under arrest and transported to the district station.  Officers, once at the station, discovered that the gun that was found on the suspect had been reported stolen.