Significant Warrant Sweep Removes 10 ‘Impact Players’ from City Street

Violence Reduction Efforts Continue

In July of 2010,  officers from the Area D-4 Drug Control Unit (DCU) in conjunction with officers from Area D-4 commenced an aggressive effort to remove violent predators from the area surrounding Villa Victoria and West Newton Street. The effort known as “Operation National League” was initiated in response to community concerns of drug dealing being conducted by known gang members and their associates.

The strategic operation utilized methodical investigative tactics to combat street-level drug dealing. As a result of several months of investigative efforts, last evening officers executed a significant warrant sweep arresting 10 dangerous individuals.

Police Commissioner Ed Davis stated, “Let this serve as a message to any individuals engaging in violent activity in our communities. We will continue our ceaseless efforts to hold violent perpetrators accountable. We will not allow these individuals to destroy quality of life for hard-working, law-abiding community members.”

Suspects were placed under arrest for distribution of  class \”B\”, crack cocaine in a school zone.  Officers executed 10 state indictment warrants and 1 federal indictment warrant for the sale of drugs.  Two of the targets were previously in custody for unrelated charges.

Yesterday numerous teams of officers were deployed throughout District D-4 to apprehend the targets.  The teams of officers were comprised of officers from District D-4, District D-14 and District B-2, District D-4 Safe Street Team, D-4 Community Service Office, members of The Youth Violence Strike Force, BHA Police, Probation and Special Operations TAC & K-9.

Following is the list of targets arrested or in custody at this time:

Targets arrested with State indictment warrants for Distribution of Class “B” School Zone.

  1. Anthony Nunez, 6/23/91
  2. Rudy Diaz, 5/10/92
  3. Jonathan Calderon, 3/1/90
  4. Michael Gladunov, 6/4/80
  5. Lawrence Brown, 8/27/89
  6. John Herring, 11/13/86
  7. Jesus Major Lopez, 10/27/72
  8. Daryl Tolbert, 5/12/82

 Target arrested for Federal Indictment Warrant Distribution of Class “B” School Zone

  1. Justin Jackson, 11/23/90, Jackson in possession of 13 p/b’s of crack cocaine at the time of arrest.

 Additional arrests during the sweep:

10.  Darius Williams, 3/30/87, charges, Distribution Cl B crack cocaine, Possession to distribute Cl B crack cocaine, Williams was in possession of a pellet gun resembling a black semi-automatic at the time of his arrest.

11.  Tatiana Jackson, 6/1/86, charges, Poss to distribute Cl B, crack cocaine, suspect in possession of approx 8 grams of crack purchased from Darius Williams.

12.  Shawn Johnson, 9/16/69, charges, Possession to Distribute Cl D marijuana, park zone, suspect in possession of 8-10 p/b’s of marijuana outside O’Day Playground when arrested.