At about 12:37pm on Thursday, September 2, 2010, Officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force, placed Dashaun Goldsmith , 25, of West Roxbury under arrest for operating after suspended license at 31 Maywood Street in Roxbury (District B-2). During the same incident, officers also placed Sean Henderson, 28, of Brookline under arrest for Unlawful possession of a firearm, Unlawful possession of ammunition, Unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm, Obliterated serial number, Subsequent Firearm Possession and Violation Armed Career Criminal.

Members of the Youth Violence Strike Force Detectives were on directed patrol in the area of Grove Hall. While traveling on Brunswick street, officers observed a 1999 blue Chevy Trailblazer occupied with three males stopped in the middle of the street, impeding the flow of traffic, at about 58 Brunswick Street talking. Suspect vehicle then proceeded on Brunswick Street turning right onto Warren Street failing to use a directional. Suspect vehicle continued on Warren Street toward Dudley Street before quickly turning right onto Maywood Street, again failing to use a directional.

At that time, officers activated their emergency blue lights and executed a motor vehicle stop 31 Maywood Street. At that time, officers approached the driver side of the vehicle and asked the operator for a license and registration at which point the operator, Goldsmith, handed Officers a Massachusetts ID. Officers then asked Goldsmith if he had an active driver\’s license, which he replied, \”no\”. Goldsmith was then asked to exit the vehicle. At that time, officers observed the front seat passenger to be extremely nervous. The individual failed to make eye contact with the officers and sat in a stiff, unnatural manner. Officers asked the individual numerous questions during which the suspect continued to sit stiff and avoid eye contact.

At that time, officers removed the front passenger, later identified as Sean Henderson.  An officer conducted a pat frisk, which led to the discovery of a firearm in Henderson’s waistband. Officers demanded to see Henderson\’s license to carry firearms to which he replied, \”I don\’t have no license.\”