Citizen Alert for District A-7: Crime Summary

A-7 Crime Summary

August 30th 2010

(Incident) Breaking & Entering No Force

(Location) 17 Murray Court, East Boston.

The victim reports that unknown person(s) entered through an unlocked window and removed 2 laptop computers.

August 31st 2010

(Incident) Disorderly Person Arrest.

(Location) 238 Everett Street, East Boston.

Officers responding to a report of loud music spoke with the occupant of the apartment who refused to lower the music and continued with loud and disturbing behavior.

 Neftali Diaz of 238 Everett Street Apt #1 was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly person.

 (Incident) Breaking & Entering Day Force.

 (Location) 64 West Eagle Street, East Boston.

 Officers responded to a past B&E that occurred sometime between 10:30am and 12:00pm. The victim reports that unknown person(s) forcibly entered her apartment and removed a 55inch television. Officers did observe damage to the door frame consistent with a forced entry. The victim’s son was home at the time of the incident but he was sleeping and claims that he did not hear anything.