On August 30, 2010 at approximately 11:11pm, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) received information that a vehicle equipped with LoJack tracking device was giving off a \”LOJACK\” signal in the vicinity of Blue Hill Ave and Devon Street. Police officers responded to the area to search for a stolen vehicle, a red 2002 Mercedes Benz. The vehicle was located at Blue Hill Ave and Devon Street.

Officers from the Cambridge Police Department spoke with Boston Police and informed them that the vehicle in question is believed to be a vehicle that was taken during an armed car jacking on August 28th.Cambridge Police stated the victim was hit over the head with an unknown object during the August 28th incident. At that time, Boston Police began conducting surveillance on the vehicle. Officers observed a black male dressed in blue jeans shorts, a dark collared shirt opened with white t-shirt walking to the corner of Blue Hill Ave and Devon Street. The male stopped looked up and down Blue Hill Ave and then walked down Devon Street. The male then stopped at the third vehicle parked on the left side of street (the stolen vehicle). Officers observed the male point something with his right hand in the immediate direction of the stolen vehicle. While doing this movement, the stolen vehicle head lights came on with the interior lights activated at the same time. That male, who is now a suspect, walked away from the vehicle continuously looking around.

Officers conducted a stop of the suspect approximately 10\’ away from the stolen vehicle. Officers approached the suspect, who is the same person seen through the binoculars and who activated the security system of the stolen vehicle. Officers requested the keys to the vehicle when the suspect began making statements such as \”What\”, \”What car\”? Officers looked down next to suspect’s feet and found a set of keys. Officers tested keys which deactivated the stolen vehicle security system, unlocked the doors, and activated lights. Suspect Johnny Thompson, 47, of Roslindale, was placed under arrest and charged with Receiving Motor Vehicle.