Purse Returned to Elderly Victim

Boston Police with the assistance of two good Samaritans tracked down a suspect who stole an elderly woman’s purse as she walked down Dorchester Avenue. The fast actions of these two community members in conjunction with the officers led to the recovery of the purse as well as the apprehension of 48 year old Michael Walker of Dorchester.

On Thursday August 26, 2010 at about 7:56pm, Officers from District C-11 responded to the area of Dorchester Avenue and Wrentham Street for a report of an elderly female getting robbed. While en route, Officers were informed that two witnesses heard the screaming and observed the suspect running away carrying a woman\’s pocketbook. The two witnesses gave chase and caught up to the suspect who handed over the purse to one of the witnesses. The second witness then continued to follow the suspect because he had observed the suspect remove something from the woman\’s pocketbook before surrendering it.

An Officer responded to Welles Avenue where he was directed to Santuit Street by witness #1 where he met witness #2 who directed him to a rear yard on Santuit Street. With the assistance of another officer, the suspect was located hiding in the yard. Officer noted the suspect was out of breath and breathing heavily and covered in sweat The suspect also fit the physical and clothing description given to Operations as well as the description given to Officers by the witnesses.

The suspect was detained and Detectives were requested. Detectives conducted a bring back identification with each witness separately, both of whom were told that they were going to view a person that may or may not be a suspect in this incident. Both witnesses were separated and individually positively identified the suspect. The suspect was placed into custody and transported to Area C-11 for further arrest procedures.

The elderly victim, a 76 year old female, did sustain some minor injuries with the suspect stole her purse. The victim was treated and transported to Boston Medical Center. 

Michael Walker, 48, of Dorchester was charged with Unarmed Robbery on a person over 60 & Assault & Battery on a person over 60.