No Hiding Place Is Good Enough

Yesterday afternoon round 4:50PM, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to 583 Tremont Street, a nail salon for a larceny in progress.

On arrival, officers spoke to the victim and the owner of the salon. The victim reported that she took off her diamond ring and put down her Blackberry phone in preparation to get a manicure.  The victim reported that there was a woman was sitting down next to her at one of the nail station/booths getting her nails done also. The victim reported that while she was getting her nails done, she went to check her phone and discovered that neither her phone nor her diamond ring were where she had last seen them. The victim became visibly upset when she noticed that her items were gone and started crying. The owner of the salon then started assisting the victim to look for her items when she observed the woman who had been sitting in the next booth place something in her bra all the while acting like she was assisting in the effort to help find the victims apparently stolen items.  The now suspect woman, when confronted by the owner about having placed something in her bra, stated that she had just been adjusting herself.

Officers after speaking to the victim and store owner entered the store and were directed to the possible suspect who was again confronted by officers. The suspect, appearing nervous during her conversation with officers, denied having placed anything in her bra despite being given numerous opportunities to hand over the victim’s property. Officers then informed the suspect that a female officer was en route to conduct a search of the suspect and again asked her about whether or not she had the ring. The suspect, once aware of the impending arrival of a female officer, admitted to having the ring and pulled it out from her bra. Officers then asked the suspect for the victim’s phone and she told officers that she had left in the bathroom.  Officers then looked in the bathroom of the nail salon but did not find the phone.  Officers then again confronted the suspect about the victim’s phone at which point the suspect pulled out the phone from her pants.

The suspect, a 22 year-old female of Boston, was arrested and charged with Larceny over $250.00.