Drawing Attention to Yourself When You Are Drunk…Not a Good Idea!

This morning around 2:15AM, officers on patrol in the Theater District when they observed a car stopped on Warrenton and Stuart Streets with loud music coming from the car.

Officers responded to the car and asked the car and asked the operator to keep moving as he was impeding the free flow of traffic especially at this time of night when the clubs are letting out. After directing the operator of the car, officers observed the car take off at a high rate of speed and make a right turn on Stuart Street with a wide radius. A short time after this encounter, officer again observed the same car double parked in front of 275 Tremont Street, unattended, windows down and music blaring.

Officers approached the car and within a few seconds, the same operator that had been in the car earlier arrived at the car. The operator appeared to be highly intoxicated, his eyes were glassy and bloodshot and he was very unsteady on his feet. A short conversation revealed to officers that the suspect also had slurry speech.  Based on their prior interaction with the suspect and this encounter, officers formed the opinion that the suspect was operating under the influence of alcohol and decided to administer sobriety tests to the suspect. Officers administered several sobriety tests to the suspect who failed all of them and after doing so told officers that he had been drinking since five and no longer wanted to take any tests.

The suspect, Juan L. Pena, 25 of Saugus was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and cited for Speeding, and Loud an objectionable Noise for playing his radio so loud.