At about 2:37am, on Friday, August 20, 2010, officers from Area B-2 (Roxbury) were on patrol when they observed two suspicious-looking individuals walking in the area of Dudley Street and Alexander Street. Specifically, officers observed the individuals pushing a shopping cart which was transporting a black grill and propane tank. When asked why they were moving the grill at such an unusual hour, one of the suspects replied, “I’m having a cookout tomorrow and we plan on cooking early.” When asked who owned the grill, one of the suspects stated, “It belongs to my friend Jerry. And, Jerry said we could borrow it.” When officers asked how they could contact Jerry in order to confirm the story, one of the suspects stated, “He lives on a hill on Virginia Street.”  At this point, officers, accompanied by one of the suspects, went searching for Jerry’s house on Virginia Street.

 Once on Virginia Street, the suspect said, at first, that he couldn’t remember which house belonged to Jerry. When he did remember, officers stopped at a house on Virginia Street and approached the front door. When officers knocked on the front door, an individual answered the door and stated that no one by the name of Jerry lived in the house. While still on the scene, officers noted that the garage door was open. Further investigation revealed that the grill and propane tank had been stolen from the garage. When officers shared this information with the resident of the home, the resident stated that no one had permission to borrow or take his grill.

 Officers arrested Scott Last, 44, of Boston and Robert Hurlocker, 46, of Boston and charged both with Larceny from a Building and Breaking & Entering.