Teamwork and Cooperation Land Three Suspects in Jail for Home Invasion

Around 11:30PM last night, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) responded to 30 Freemont Street for an armed home invasion.

On arrival, officers met and spoke to an elderly male victim who reported that he was in his apartment when he heard a knock on his door. The victim stated that he answered the door and was confronted by two black males, one of whom was brandishing a firearm, and they forcibly entered his apartment. Per the victim, the suspects pointed the gun to his head and ordered him to the ground while they ransacked his apartment.  The suspects took a number of items from the victim’s house including jewelry, electronic items, flat screen TVs and some US currency.

After speaking to the victim, officers located a witness who stated that he had arrived to the building during the incident (not knowing what was going on) and observed a red motor vehicle with a registration he provided to officers. The witness went on to tell officers that he was suspicious of the vehicle and consequently continued to observe it. According to the witness, he observed three occupants exit the vehicle with an older described black male staying behind with the car. The witness then reported that he observed the two other males walk around the building before entering the building while the older black male opened both rear doors to the car and get back in the driver’s seat.  The witness then reported that he later learned what had transpired at the victim’s house.

Based on the information officers received from the witness, the car’s plate was broadcast and officers from District B-2 (Roxbury)  responded to the registered address f the car at 47 Regent Street. There, officers found the described car parked in the driveway behind the residence and also observed several items on the rear porch matching the items stolen from the victim’s house. While outside the house, a male matching one of the suspects’ descriptions exited the house and he was detained.  A second suspect exited the house shortly thereafter and he also was detained after he made several statements placing him at the scene of the incident. Officers (SWAT)  then entered the residence to clear the house and while inside heard noise coming from the attic. Officers further investigated and were able to get the third suspect out of the attic and he also was placed under arrest. Officers after placing the third suspect in custody recovered a firearm from the attic.

A show up was conducted during which the two suspects who had entered the victim’s apartment were positively identified. Officers while at 47 Regent Street recovered a number of the items that were stolen from the victim.

The three suspects, Willie Williams, 45, Keith Williams, 22 and Claude Joseph, 24 all of Roxbury were arrested and charged with Armed Home Invasion. The house has been frozen pending the execution of a search warrant which may result in additional charges for the suspects,