Shooting Averted by Diligent Detectives

On Monday, July 12th at 9:44 PM two Detectives from District C-11 (Dorchester) were traveling in a Boston Police unmarked vehicle on Geneva Ave. towards Bowdoin Street when one Detective noticed a black male on the left side of the street dressed in a red long sleeve shirt, black hat, and grey sweatpants. He also had a black mask around his neck. The man was looking into a store named Ramirez Grocery at 481 Geneva Ave. The Detective who noticed the man told the other Detective and as they reversed direction to further investigate they observed the black male put the mask over his face from his neck area and pull out handgun from his right front pocket.

The Detectives made a U-turn on Geneva Ave at Charles St. and parked the police vehicle in front of the store and began approaching the store with guns drawn. Detectives notified the dispatcher of their location and as they approached that glass front door the suspect was observed in the front of the store by the checkout counter with a firearm in his right hand. The suspect turned towards the front glass door and one Detective stated, “Boston Police,” and ordered the suspect to get down on the floor at gun point. The suspect then put the firearm in his right front pocket and then the other Detective opened the door and proceeded to cover the Detective while the suspect was on the floor so he could be handcuffed.

The Detective recovered a handgun from the suspect’s right front pocket. The handgun, a semi-automatic firearm was loaded with one round in the chamber and four more rounds in the clip.

One Detective interviewed a store employee who stated that he was asked by a few black males inside the store to look outside to see if there was a male with a black shirt and black hat outside. The employee went outside and did not observe the male outside.

About five minutes later the described black male with the red shirt came in the store armed with a gun in hand. The male with the red shirt was looking around the store and made no attempt to rob the store. The incident was videotaped by the store’s security system.

The suspect was transported back to Area C-11 (Dorchester). The suspect was found to have a Dorchester Court GPS monitoring system attached to his right ankle.

While at the booking area the Detective advised the suspect of his Miranda Warnings. The Detective asked if he understood his rights and he stated, “Yes.” Then the Detective asked the suspect if he wanted to speak with the Detectives in the interview room while being taped. The suspect sat in the floor and the Detective asked him if he was in the store to rob it and the suspect stated, “No.” Then the Detective asked him if he entered the store to shoot the black males inside. The suspect looked at the Detective and nodded his head up and down indicating a yes response.

Suspect, Justin Tompkins, 25 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Carrying a Loaded Firearm.