Commissioner’s Commendation for District E5 — Police Officers Jimmy Cox and Patrick Higgins

Commissioner’s Commendation — Police Officers Jimmy Cox and Patrick Higgins

On March 21st, 2010 Police Officer Jimmy Cox and Patrick Higgins responded to a 911 call for a reported stabbing at 66 Ardale Street Roslindale.  Units on scene broadcast a description of a suspect and gave first aid to the victim, a young woman who had been stabbed in the face and had her throat slashed.

Officers Cox and Higgins searched the surrounding neighborhood.  Officer Cox spotted the suspect on a bicycle on Fletcher Street.  The suspect jumped off his bike and fled on foot.  Officer Cox chased the suspect on foot through Fallon Field.  Officer Higgins then joined the foot chase, overtook the suspect and tackled him, suffering cuts and bruises. Officers Cox and Higgins disarmed and arrested the suspect who was confirmed as the assailant in this brutal attack.

Officers Cox and Higgins successfully captured and disarmed an armed assailant who had minutes before attacked and nearly killed a young woman.  Officers Cox and Higgins bravely confronted an armed felon fleeing the scene of a violent crime and apprehended him without incident and without endangering the public.  For their bravery and meritorious actions they are awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.