Male Suspect Arrested for Robbing Woman in Wheelchair

Last night around 11:40PM, officers from Wentworth University and officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested suspect, Jerdon Brooks, 48 of Brighton and charged him with Unarmed Robbery, and Assault and Battery on a Disabled Person.

Officers initially responded to the area of Ward Street for a woman screaming in the area of Ward Street. On arrival, officers were flagged down by several people standing on the trolley tracks in the area of 620 Huntington Ave. who were standing by with the victim. Officers spoke to the victim and witnesses who reported that the suspect approached the victim (a 67 year old handicapped woman who uses a wheelchair) while she was waiting who stole $10.00 dollars from her and pushed her onto the tracks.

Officers received a description of the suspect and immediately attempted to find him. Officers received information from numerous witnesses who had either seen the assault or had witnesses the suspect fleeing the scene. Based on witness testimony, officers initially searched the area and located the suspect on Horadan Way but lost sight of him as he fled into the rear of an apartment building. Officers, short time after losing sight of the suspect, received information that he just boarded a trolley at 620 Huntington Avenue. Officers responded to 620 Huntington Ave. and there boarded the trolley and removed the suspect from the trolley.