At about 8:17am, on Thursday, June 17, 2010, officers from Area D-4 (South End) responded to a radio call for a carjacking in the area of Chandler Street and Columbus Ave. A motorcycle officer, performing a paid detail in the immediate area, observed the commotion and promptly broadcast a description of the motor vehicle (a green Lexus SUV) over all channels of the police radio. In addition to broadcasting the incident, the detail officer proceeded to pursue the stolen motor vehicle, but lost sight of the car as it accelerated in the area of Columbus Ave and West Canton Streets.  Responding officers then relocated and observed the car as it travelled in the area of Tremont Street towards Herald Street. Officers observed the car, while travelling at a high rate of speed, fail to stop for several red lights. Officers observed the suspect access I-93 South from Albany Street.  From a safe distance, officers observed the motor vehicle make its way towards Exit 15. As the suspect attempted to exit the interstate, the motor vehicle blew a tire which resulted in the motor vehicle crashing into a concrete barrier. By the time officers arrived on the scene, the suspect had exited the car and fled on foot.

Officers promptly broadcast a description of the suspect over the police radio. Suspect was described as, possibly, a Hispanic male, approximately 5’9” – 5’10” in height, short hair, stocky build, wearing a blue shirt and no shoes. Officers observed and seized a pair of sandals at the scene of the accident which were believed to have been left behind by the suspect.

While searching the area for the suspect, officers learned that an individual, not wearing shoes, had been struck by a car and transported to the Boston Medical Center for evaluation purposes. Upon hearing or learning that the individual transported to the hospital matched the description of the suspect, officers responded to the hospital. Once there, officers were able to positively identify the suspect. In addition to the responding officers, the victim of the carjacking was transported to the hospital as well.

Upon seeing the suspect, the victim was able to positively identify the individual as the person who stole his car. According to the victim, he was sitting in traffic when the suspect walked up to his car and started pointing at the back of his vehicle. When the victim exited his car to investigate the matter, the suspect pushed him down, jumped into his car and took off.

Officers arrested Matt Burke, 32, of Boston and charged him with Carjacking.