As part of the Boston Police Department’s relentless efforts to target “Impact Players,” members of the B-3 Drug Control Unit were investigating drug activity in the area of Blue Hill Ave and Deering Rd. This location has had numerous incidents involving drugs and guns. This effort resulted in the apprehension of two well-known suspects as well as a firearm recovery.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis stated, “This is another example of our officers ceaseless efforts to target those individuals that we know are responsible for violent activity in our community. We will continue with our strategic approach of prevention, intervention and enforcement tactics to reduce firearm violence and remove dangerous perpetrators from our neighborhoods.”

On June 1, 2010, officers observed a suspect known by officers to be involved in drug activity. This suspect is a 16 year old juvenile and well- know to police. Officers observed him walking from Deering Rd onto Wellington Hill St and meeting with a black female. Both were involved in a conversation and during this interaction an officer, who was using binoculars, observed the juvenile looking all around. After this, the officer observed the juvenile and the female in a hand to hand transaction. Based on the officer’s training and experience, this type of activity is known to be a drug transaction. After this transaction the female walked down Deering Rd and the juvenile walked up Wellington Hill Street. The female was stopped for a threshold inquiry by officers and the female gave the officer several bags of crack cocaine.

Officers then observed the juvenile suspect standing in front of 31Westmore Rd. The suspect being familiar with officer’s vehicles has flagged officers down in the past. Once again the suspect walked into the middle of the street with Trevor Lawrence standing next to him and flagged to the officers by raising both arms in the air and waving back and forth. The officers drove down the street in the direction the juvenile and Trevor at which time the juvenile ran into 31 Westmore Rd and shut the door behind him. Trevor Lawrence also attempted to enter the home but the door shut in front of him and he could not gain entrance before the officer approached him. Trevor appeared very nervous and kept placing his hands down by his waste. The officer told him to stop and placed his hands behind his head. Officer pat frisked Trevor and Trevor attempted to move the right side of his body away from the officer.

The officer frisked Trevor\’s right side short pant pocket and immediately said GUN. Officers placed hand cuffs on Trevor and he was placed under arrest. While being in cuffs, Trevor was observed by an officer attempting to reach around to his pocket area. At this time officer checked Trevor\’s pockets and recovered crack cocaine from his right pocket. Trevor Lawrence, 20, of Mattapan was placed under arrest for Unlawful Poss F/A and Poss Class B W/I. The Firearm recovered was a 32 cal revolver S & W loaded with 6 live rounds.

The juvenile suspect who now has locked himself into 31 Westmore Rd refused to exit the premise. The officers notified operations of a Code 99 (barricaded suspect) at which time the SWAT team arrived at the scene. The suspect was persuaded to exit the premises and was placed under arrest. The 16 year old juvenile suspect was charged with Distribution of Class B within 1000 ft of a school, Possession with intent to Distribute Class D within 1000 ft of a school.

The female was summons to Dorchester Court.