B&E Suspects Arrested after Being Located Found by K-9

Early this morning around 12:56AM, officers from District C-11 responded to the College Bound School located at 275 East Cottage Street for a motion alarm.

On arrival, officers noticed the front door to the school to be open and unsecured.  Officers then performed a canvass of the exterior of the building to determine if there were any other unsecured entry points in the building. Officers, while performing the canvass of the building, observed through a back window, a suspect lying on the ground inside an office. The officer then requested additional units to the scene along with a canine unit to assist in the search effort for the additional suspects in the building.

Officers were assisted on scene by a MA. State Police Trooper who brought in a police canine to assists in the search for suspects. After an extensive search, officers located two suspects, Laurent A. Bennett, 17, of Dorchester and a 13 year-old male juvenile from Dorchester who were arrested and charged with Breaking and Residence in the Nighttime.

It should be noted that the police canine fell through a floor during  search of the closet/eaves area but did not sustain any injuries.