Detail Officer Arrests Man at Fenway Park for Larceny

On Tuesday, May 11, 2010, at approximately 9:15pm, a Boston Police Officer was working a paid detail at Fenway Park for the Red Sox game when he was approached by the Park’s security informing him of a larceny that had just taken place.

The officer learned that three park goers approached the victim and asked him to take their picture. The victim agreed and one of the men handed the victim his camera. The victim then freed his hands by placing the bag in his possession to the ground and snapped a picture that two of the men posed in. While taking the photograph, the third individual picked up the victim’s bag and placed it into his bag. This information was gained through another alert security guard that was monitoring the situation.

The victim handed the camera back to one of the individuals and the three began to walk away. The security guard then approached the suspect and attempted to detain him. The suspect fled and tried to leave the park but was stopped by security.

The officer was able to place the suspect into custody after he was positively identified by the victim. Various items were within the victim’s bag and were noted before returning it back to the victim.  

Officers arrested John Blasi, 48, of 8 Euclid Avenue, Maynard, Massachusetts on the charges of Larceny from a Person.

This incident should be a reminder to all to be aware of their surroundings and property at all times. At no time should you place your property unattended regardless of your location. If you find yourself a victim of a crime the Boston Police Department recommends you phone the police immediately and do not attempt to take action on your own. Your personal safety is much more important than your personal property.