B & E Suspect Arrested & Admits to be Responsible for Multiple Incidents

On Wednesday, May 5, 2010, members of the Wellesley Police Department contacted the Boston Police Department in order to inform them that an individual was arrested in their jurisdiction for an unrelated incident, as well as outstanding arrest warrants issued out of the City of Boston.

At this time, Boston Police Detectives, assigned out of Area D-4 (Back Bay / South End), traveled to the Wellesley Police Department in order to speak with the suspect regarding the incidents that took place within the City of Boston.

Upon arrival, Investigators met with the suspect and engaged in an interview with him after he gave consent to do so. During this interview, the suspect admitted responsibility for numerous Breaking & Enterings in Boston, primarily in the area of Newbury Street in the District 4 section of the City.

The suspect also admitted to a Breaking & Entering on November 22, 2009 at the “Souper Salad Restaurant”- located within District B-2 on 364 Brookline Avenue.

The suspect went on to take criminal responsibility for the following Breaking & Enterings on District 4:

 1)  93 Newbury Street, The Ralph Lauren Polo Store

2)  474 Shawmut Ave, The Indian Restaurant

3)  231 Newbury Street, The Tosanna Day Spa

4)  16 Peterborough Street, The Canestaros Restaurant

5)  45 Gainsborough Street, The Symphony Sushi Restaurant

6)  52 Gainsborough Street, The Our House East Bar

7)  981 Tremont Street, Subway Restaurant

8)  293 Newbury Street, The Soodee Shop

The Boston Police Department will continue to investigate and look at similar crimes throughout the City.

Officers will file charges against Albert Morissette, 38, who is a Boston are resident, on multiple Breaking and Entering charges.