Warrant Arrest Leads to New Charges

Last night around 9:00PM, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) arrested suspect, Michael Splaine, 21, of Somerville and charged him with outstanding warrants for Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle, Resisting Arrest and Providing a False Name to Police Officers. In addition, the suspect was charged Possession of Class A.

The suspect came to officers’ attention when they observed him walking on Meridian Street towards Maverick Street engaged in a loud verbal argument with a female who was walking behind him. At some point during the argument the suspect turned around and waved his hand at his female companion in a threatening manner causing officers to stop the couple to investigate. Officers stopped the parties and ascertained their name as part of a threshold inquiry. After getting the parties’ names and questioning them about what was going on, officers learned that the male suspect named above had outstanding warrants for the above noted offenses.

 A search of the suspect incident to arrest revealed him to be in possession of three small plastic bags of heroin bags. The suspect was then charged with Possession of Class A Substance.