Bicycle Cop Chases Down Larceny Suspect

At approximately 6:35PM last night, an officer from District D-4 (South End) on bicycle patrol in the area of Arlington St. was flagged down by a victim who pointed out a fleeing suspect and exclaimed that the suspect had just stolen her laptop computer.

The officer looked down Melrose Street and observed the suspect running with a black computer bag. The officer gave chase following the suspect onto Church St. catching up to the suspect at the intersection of Church and Shawmut Avenue. There the officer ordered the suspect to stop and he complied. The officer detained the suspect and recovered from a Mac Book computer from him.  The victim responded to the officer’s location and identified the suspect along with her computer.

The victim reported to officers that she was unloading her car on Arlington St. when she accidentally left her computer bag on the suspect and returned to her car to find the suspect going through a bag she had left on the ground. The victim, at this time, yelled to out to the suspect that the bag belonged to her and the suspect apologized to her and crossed the street. The victim at this time realized that the suspect had already removed her computer from her bag and had it tucked under his shirt. The victim then yelled at the suspect about her computer and the suspect took of f running.

The suspect, Steven Woolson, 52, of Boston was arrested and charged with larceny over $200.00.