When It Rains, It Pours!!

Last night around 9:51PM, officers from District D-14 (Allston/Brighton) arrested Shannon Mackie, 26, of Newton and charged her with Operating under the Influence of Alcohol.

Officers initially responded to 297 Faneuil Street due to a 911 call reporting that a car had struck several cars and that the operator was drunk. Officers responded to the scene and there spoke to a witness/victim who reported that he was in his residence when he heard a loud crash and looked outside to find that his car and another parked had been struck by a car being operated by the suspect. The witness further reported that he observed the suspect exit her car and fall to the ground.

It should be noted that the suspect was sitting on the sidewalk when the officers arrived. Officers spoke to the suspect and clearly detected a strong odor of alcohol on her breath. When asked if she was in need of medical attention, the suspect declined medical attention but in answering officers’ questions replied in slurred speech. Officers asked the suspect if she had been drinking, the suspect replied that she had “screwed up, gotten fired from her job and [gone] drinking.” The suspect eyes were observed to be glassy and bloodshot during conversation with the officers. The suspect had to be assisted to her feet and while walking to the cruiser stumbled several times and almost falling to the ground.

The suspect was offered sobriety tests but refused them. Based on the evidence, officers formed the opinion that the suspect had been driving under the influence of alcohol and she was consequently arrested.

Who Is the Real Guilty Culprit Here?

Early today around 12:05AM, officers from District D-14 (Allston/Brighton) responded to 63 Strathmore Rd. for several males fighting.

On arrival, officers observed a male lying in the street in a semi-conscious state. Officers spoke to this male and he reported that two suspects, who were still on scene, had beat and kicked him for several minutes. Officers poke to the alleged suspects, and one of them reported that the alleged victim had agreed to purchase marijuana for the suspects but then failed to carry out on his end of the deal and instead attempted to steal the money that the suspects had given him. One of the suspects admitted to “body slamming” the victim and reiterated to officers that he thought that the victim deserved the beating that he had received because he had tried to steal the money that been given to him to purchase the marijuana.

Officers then again spoke to the victim who admitted to having been given money to purchase marijuana for the suspects, but that he wasn’t attempting to steal the suspects’ money. Officers spoke to independent witnesses who also reported to officers that the suspects had indeed kicked the victim with shod feet and had rummaged through his pockets in an attempt to get back their money. The suspects, Jonathan Sevoich, 20, of Revere and David Tavares-Creador, 22, of Medford were arrested and charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon to with shod feet.

The victim was transported to St. Elizabeth for treatment and evaluation and may face charges for his less than legal behavior in this incident.