Area E Officers Work In Conjunction to Catch Two B&E M/V Thieves
BPD Offers Prevention Tips for Motor Vehicle Break-ins

On Friday, November 20, 2009, at approximately 4:45am, Boston Police Officers assigned out of Area E-18 (Hyde Park), received a radio call for a larceny in progress on Wyvern Street.

It should be noted that this immediate area has been recently experiencing larcenies related to motor vehicles. With this information, Officers from Area E-18, E-5 and E-13 have been mindful and proactive in attempting to apprehend the person(s) responsible for these activities.

Numerous officers responded to the area of Wyvern Street from the Area E districts. While enroute, Officers observed two individuals in the area of 392 Hyde Park Avenue. One of the individuals was attempting to conceal himself behind a vehicle and the other party was observed throwing an item over a fence.

Both parties were detained while officers investigated further. A gray and blue bag was located under the vehicle where the first party was seen. The bag contained a laptop computer that was later discovered stolen from a vehicle on Wayvern Street. Officers also located another bag that contained numerous stolen property and money.

Officers arrested Lee Harvey, 18, of Dorchester and Jesus Ortiz, 18, of Roxbury on the charges of Larceny from a Motor Vehicle and Receiving Stolen Property.

Important Safety Tips:

The Boston Police would like to take this opportunity to remind residents and visitors to our City that motor vehicle breaks are among the most easily preventable of crimes. They are typically crimes of opportunity, committed by thieves who look for valuables left unattended. Taking a few simple steps can often discourage these thieves. Here’s how you can protect yourself against motor vehicle breaks.

• DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR WHERE OTHERS CAN SEE THEM. Valuable items, such as your laptop, iPod, etc. should never be left in the front or back seat of your vehicle. Always take your valuables with you, or move them into the trunk.

• Lock your doors and windows. Even if your window is only slightly open, it makes your car an easier target for thieves. A thief will insert a wire into a slightly open window to pop up the door lock.

• Replace your standard door lock buttons with tapered ones. Tapered door lock buttons make it more difficult for a thief to hook a wire or device onto the door lock button to pop it open.

• Invest in an anti-theft device. When you buy a new or used car, checking to see if it has an anti-theft device is as important as checking the engine. If there isn\’t one, you should have one installed.

• If you observe any unusual activity or observe a car theft or a break-in, call 911.