Wild Parties Come to an End on Mission HillLast night officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) were specifically assigned to the Mission Hill area of Roxbury as part of an ongoing effort to maintain the quality of life for residents of the area and deter students from area colleges from having loud, riotous disturbing parties which often involve minors consuming alcohol. The designated units are charged with answering calls for parties from area residents and have several options available: arrest, taking names and turning over to college representatives who accompany officers to calls or civil citations.
Around 12:15AM, officers responded to 45 Cherokee St. for a loud party. Officers arrived on scene and could immediately hear loud music coming from the third floor of that address.
Officers went to the third floor apartment and knocked on the door for some time before anyone answered the door. After some time, an individual answered the door and stated to officers that he did not give consent for them to enter. Officers explained the reason for their presence and he was asked to step aside after he initially tried to close the door on officers. Officers entered the apartment and therein found 17 underage individuals drinking alcoholic beverages. The four tenants of the apartment, Andreas Martinez, 20, Diego Ramirez, 20, Juan Nieto, 19 an Juan L. Roblesgil, 20, all of Roxbury were arrested and charged with being Keepers of a Disorderly House. In addition suspect, Martinez was charged with Resisting Arrest.
Officers around the same time as the above incident, officers responded to 248 Parker hill Ave. where they had noticed a lot of traffic since earlier in the night with people walking in and out of a side basement door and congregating outside.
While investigating this location and as they entered, a large number of students fled through adjoining yards in their attempt to elude police action. Officers nevertheless located in excess of 60 people inside, most of whom were under the legal drinking age, drinking alcoholic beverages inside the party. The four tenants of record, Kyle Kearney, 19, Patrick F. Tamburo, 19, Stephen F. Lacey, 19 and Stephen Ivanoski, 19 all of Roxbury who were present at the party were arrested and charged with being Keepers of a Disorderly House.
Stabbing Incident at 1249 Commonwealth Avenue
At approximately 1:00AM this morning, officers from District D-14 (Allston/Brighton) responded to 1249 for a report of a fight outside the Avenue Bar.
On arrival, officers located two males outside the bar suffering from stab wounds, both victims injuries were deemed to be non-life threatening and one was transported to Beth Israel Hospital and the other to Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Officers processed the crime scene and interviewed witnesses on scene. Based on those interviews, officers determined that a fight had spilled out onto the street from the bar and that during the course of this fight some individuals had used bottles to assault others. However, none of the witnesses had observed the actual stabbing incident nor the culprits responsible for the stabbing. While officers were interviewing the witnesses and processing the crime scene, other responding units observed several suspects walking from the rear of the bar, one of whom had blood on his clothing and was breathing heavily. All four suspects were successfully stopped after brief foot pursuits. The four suspects were taken back to the scene to see if they could be positively identified by the witnesses. None of the witnesses were able to identify the suspects as having done the stabbing but did positively the suspects as having been involved in throwing bottles and rocks in the fight which preceded the stabbing.
The four suspects, Jason Diaz, 28, of Allston, Sopheab Kan, 21, of Brighton, Daniel Chhim, 21, of Lynn and Christian Diaz, 28, of Allston were arrested and charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon to wit bottles and rocks.