Underage Drinkers Learn a Hard Lesson: JailLast night around 11:07PM, officers from District D-14 (Allston/Brighton) responded to 17 Highgate St. in Allston for numerous complaints of loud music.
As officers pulled up to the house while still in the street, they could clearly hear loud music and conversation coming from an apartment in the house. Officers entered the front door of the house and made their way to the door of the apartment 10, the source of the noise complaint. Officers knocked on the door and could clearly hear voices inside the apartment directing others to be quiet. After some time, someone came to the door and upon seeing officers attempted to quickly close the door on officers. Officers entered the apartment and asked to speak to the tenants of record all the while making observation that there were about twenty people inside the apartment drinking, most of whom did not appear to be of the legal drinking age limit. Officers inquired of the attendees if any of them were 21 years of age, and all admitted that they were not.
Based on the above circumstances, officers located the tenants of the apartment, none of whom were 21 years of age either, and placed them under arrest. Suspects, Jonah E. Pauloo, 19, Matthew S. Kenai, 20, and Daniel R. Solomon, 19, all of Allston were placed under arrests and charged with Disturbing the Peace, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, and Procuring/Furnishing Alcohol to Minors. The other party attendees’ names were taken to be submitted to their respective schools.
Over the Limit Operator Arrested for OUI
Around 2:07AM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) responded to the intersection of Morton and Harvard Streets for a motor vehicle accident.
On arrival, officers learned that the operator of one of the cars had already been transported to the hospital by ambulance. Officers spoke to a witness on-scene who reported observing the operator of one of the cars exit the car and throw a forty ounce bottle of beer over a nearby fence before officers’ arrival. Officers then spoke to the operator of the car that had thrown the beer over the fence and immediately detected a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and his person, and observed him to be unsteady on his feet. Officers then attempted to administer sobriety tests to the suspect who admitted to officers that he was coming from a club and had consumed “a couple of drinks” but denied being too intoxicated to drive. Before administering the tests, officers attempted to explain the tests and demonstrate them to the suspect but the suspect had difficulty listening to officers and had difficulty following instructions. The suspect when he attempted to perform the sobriety tests was unsteady on his feet, and was unable to maintain his balance long enough to perform any of the tests.
Officers, after making note that the suspect was unable to perform the sobriety tests, looked over the fence and recovered the beer bottle that the suspect had thrown away before officer arrival. During an inventory search of the suspect’s car, officer found a cup of alcoholic beverage in the center console.
The suspect, Lorn Kry, 21 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol.
Traffic Infraction Leads to Gun Recovery
This morning around 4:26AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested suspect, Karl Magloire, 23, of Hyde Park and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Possession of a Loaded Firearm.
Officers were on patrol in the Grove Hall section of Dorchester when they conducted a random query of a car occupied by the suspect and another male. That query revealed the car to be unregistered, and as a result officers followed the car and conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Blue Hill Ave. and American Legion Highway. Officers had a conversation with the operator of the vehicle and he stated to officers that he was not aware that the car was not registered. Officers told both occupants to exit the car and explained to them that the car could not be operated on a public way and was going to be towed. As the passenger exited the car, he stated to officers that he was in possession of a firearm. Officers immediately secured the firearm, and demanded a license to carry from the suspect which he exclaimed that he did not have.
The car was towed, the operator cited for driving an unregistered motor vehicle, and a rejection inspection sticker and the suspect arrested for the above charges and cited for Seatbelt Violation.