ARREST TWO SUSPECTS ON GUN CHARGESHalloween Mask and Bullet-Proof Vest among Seized Items
On July 21, 2009 at approximately 7:57 pm, members of the B2 (Roxbury) and C6 (South Boston) Drug Control Unit along with members of the Boston Police SWAT team made two on-site arrests for weapons violations. Members of the B2 Drug Control unit received information that lead to the arrest of drug and firearm offenders that included the seizure of illegal narcotics and illegally possessed firearms.
Information was provided to police that suspect Joseph Nolan may be in the possession of firearms. Information was also received that Nolan along with his vehicle and a passenger may be in the area of the back of Franklin Park near Forest Hills Street and Rossmore Street. The B2/C6 DCU squads along with the Boston Police SWAT team responded to the area and set up surveillance. Officers then located the suspect vehicle on Rossmore Street in Jamaica Plain. Officers were able to stop the vehicle at Rossmore Road and Steadman Rd. When the car was stopped, uniformed Officer observed the front passenger (Osorio) bend forward and reach toward the floor of the vehicle-a loaded pistol was later found at his feet. With the nature of this investigation and the threat of weapons in the vehicle, the Boston Police SWAT team removed both the white male operator from the vehicle and the black male front passenger. Officers read the operator his rights per Miranda, to which he stated he understood. Officers asked the operator (Nolan) if there was anything in the vehicle that he should not have. Nolan responded \”I have some guns that I found in the car\”. Officers read the passenger, Marquis Osorio, his rights per Miranda. He stated he understood his rights. Once the suspects were secured, Officers located the following items in the vehicle:
• 2 AK-47 assault style rifles believed to be automatic
• 3 large capacity feeding devices, three loaded and one empty
• 2 bayonets
• 2 green ammunition pouches
• Bullet Proof Vest
• Halloween mask
• 1 black pistol
Joseph Nolan, 28, of Lynn and Marquis Osario, 29, of Lynn were charged with numerous weapon violations that included 2 counts of Possession of a Machine Gun, Possession of a Loaded Firearm, three counts of Possession of a High Capacity Feeding Device, three counts of Improper Storage of a Firearm, two counts of Possession of Ammunition, as well as additional crimes.