On Friday, June 26, 2009, members of the Area D-4 (South End), Neighborhood Drug Control Unit and the Area C-6 (South Boston)Neighborhood Drug Control Unit and the Massachusetts State Police seized over $200,000 dollars worth of illegal narcotics. As a result of an ongoing drug investigation, officers were able to initiate and consummate a drug transaction which led to an arrest and the seizure of the narcotics.Officers arrested Amando Avila, 34, of Newton and charged him with Trafficking Class A Substance (Heroin) in Excess of 200 grams, Trafficking Class A Substance (Heroin) within 1000 feet of a School Zone. The drugs seized have an estimated street value of approximately $200,000 dollars.
The investigation was launched as a result of information recently obtained. BPD officers and MSP troopers were informed of an individual looking to sell a large amount of heroin. Acting in an undercover capacity, a BPD officer contacted the suspect and arranged a meeting for the purpose of purchasing a quantity heroin. A meeting location was agreed upon and numerous BPD officers and MSP Troopers set up surveillance of the area in anticipation to the suspects’ arrival.
Shortly thereafter, an individual fitting the description of the suspect was observed in the meeting area. The undercover officer then had a phone conversation with the suspect and confirmed his arrival. The two then met and conversed on the purchase of the heroin. While doing so, the undercover officer observed the suspect to be in possession of several large packages of what was believed to be heroin. At this time, BPD officers moved in and arrested the suspect and seized the illegal contraband.